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$15.99 bi weekly

$9.99 bi weekly student rate

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***To be entered, the client signing up must give your name at time of their registration***

Who We Are

Our programs vary from open memberships where you can workout on your own, 24hrs a day; private training for yourself or your small group, and group classes with the best instructors in Medicine Hat using everything from real kickboxing training methods, to kettlebells, bodyweight and Olympic lifting workouts to get you in the best shape possible whether it be for an event, or just for yourself and your life!

We specialize in private training both with individuals and small groups, to help you get the most out of your workouts. No other gym in Medicine Hat can offer the different types of services, training, and equipment that Temple Fitness has.

We offer specialized training including sports specific workouts, instructional workshops, preparing for the services(Police, Armed Forces, Firefighters), testing and fitness classes for schools and other organized groups.

We are certified nutrition consultants and can discuss meal planning with you to help you lose inches, increase energy and improve your workouts!


880 2nd St SE,Medicine Hat, Alberta 4034875060