Temple Fitness is YOUR premiere training facility

When you train at Temple Fitness you train inside Medicine Hat's premier training facility working with some of our city's finest trainers. Our facility is an injury free facility and we believe we can attribute this to our scientifically backed exercise programs (S.M.A.R.T.). Our programs measurably improve our client's personal health and performance. 

- Remote 1:1 Coaching

- Structured Training with                 Instructional Videos

- Effortless Progress Tracking

- Affordable Prices

- Temple Programming wherever       you are


Our Coaches


Our coaches are trained to work with many different types of clients. We are passionate, caring people who are here to guide you on your journey to better health.

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Our "WHY"


Health and Fitness is an often confusing subject. With so much information out there it is difficult to know what you can trust. We have taken our years of education and experience to create simple, scientifically-backed guidelines to mold our coaching framework.

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Your Gym


Because everyones fitness journey is unique and special, we have created a number of membership options/programs to help you succeed. 

Judy Beatty, SMART Fit Class Attendee

I really enjoy belonging to Temple Fitness, they challenge me, but they are so knowledgeable on proper technique which I think is so important. Have a lot of fun at our classes and get a great workout. Great Gym for any age!

Ryan Dorton, SMART Fit Class Attendee

I have been going to Temple Fitness for a number of years and really enjoy the 6am classes....truly the only time of day with no conflicting schedules. The trainers are fantastic, as they often bring "just enough" motivation to push you through the last set. I hope to someday be as fit as Shane

Jared Kilkenny, Unified MMA

Finding Temple Fitness was the best thing that has happened to me since moving to Medicine Hat!
The detailed, scientific, and sport specific workouts that the Temple staff have hand crafted for me, are perfect. They were the last piece to the puzzle I needed to round me out as a martial artist, and athlete.
The entire team at Temple are knowledgeable, encouraging and welcoming. The atmosphere is equally amazing, as a large portion of the friendships I've made in this city were formed within the walls at Temple.


880 2nd St SE
Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 0E6
(403) 487-5060
6AM-9PM Monday-Friday
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